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Darmaga Hardwood Flooring specializes in service and installation of hardwood, engineered, laminate and hand scraped flooring in Richmond Hill, Greater Toronto Area and beyond.



If properly cared for, a premium solid hardwood floor can last for over a century. Manufactured from a single solid piece of wood, solid wood flooring can be professionally sanded and refinished several times during its life. Ideal above or on grade (main floor), but not below (basement.)


100% real wood with greater usage options, and superior stability (very little movement) through Canada's trying seasonal humidity fluctuations. Made from a core of real wood, and a top layer of hardwood wear layer glued atop the core. Can be installed on, above or below grade in existing and new home construction.


Cost-effective, versatile and prized for its aesthetic impact, Laminate flooring is made by pressing multiple layers of resin/melamine-impregnated paper on top of and below high density fiberboard (HDF). The top surface is a transparent overlay, which creates a strong, damage-resistant surface that protects the decorative layer beneath.

More scratch resistant than real wood, Satin Flooring High Performance Laminate can be used anywhere, even bathrooms. And because it clicks together board-by-board, single boards are easily replaced.


A technologically advanced, fashion-forward floor that combines the superior durability and solidity of engineered hardwood with a floating feature, similar to laminate, that lets you install them on any subfloor. A patented "click" design with self-locking joints makes them literally a snap to install. Made with a super-strong, recycled HDF (high density fiberboard) core.

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Guest - Phoenix Flooring on Monday, 14 August 2017 09:02

Nice share. Wood flooring really looks beautiful and classic. It is very effective in making a home warm.

Nice share. Wood flooring really looks beautiful and classic. It is very effective in making a home warm.
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Hardwood Flooring Toronto

For years, flooring trends have touted the polished perfection and uniformity of piano finished floors; however, recently we’ve begun to see an interest in something not quite new.


Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Advancements in flooring materials have allowed for the development of strong, easy to install, stable and durable flooring products. Engineered hardwood flooring is an excellent alternative to traditional hardwood floors.


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