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Floor Maintenance and Repair

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Water damage, damage from pets, scratches from moving furniture…there are so many ways to hurt your floor.  We offer full service to our customers. When you do an install with us we have you covered. Darmaga hardwood not only employs the best installers but also the best repair people. Our repair services are offered generally only for floors we have installed.

If you have hardwood floors that have been scratched in spots, turn to Darmaga for some of the best hardwood floor repair kits in the industry. We stock kits in many colours to match an incredible selection of wood floors. Even if you need custom hardwood flooring repair, your custom coloured wood can be beautifully matched.

These kits make repairing hardwood floors an easy task. Fill scratches in within moments. Hide minor imperfections and worn spots. Make hairlines scratches a distant memory. These products are excellent for pre-finished hardwood floor repairs, laminate floors wood furniture and good for solid wood too.

Touch Up Kits

Scratches may not require board replacement, but they are still noticeable. Touch-up kits are ideal for quick and small fixes. We carry a variety of kits that will match most hardwood floor colours. If you have a custom colour, our team will have a solution for you.

Floor Savers

Floor Savers are a must-have item for any hardwood floor owner. Easy to install and replace, these pads will minimize the chances of having your furniture scratch the floor. When you are cleaning your floor, or rearranging the furniture, check to see if they are worn down and need replacing. We have different sizes and styles that will fit most pieces of furniture.


Humidity will expand and/or contract your floorboards. A hygrometer will ensure your house has a stable and constant humidity level, increasing your floor’s lifespan.

Cleaners and Accessories

Our house brand is eco-friendly and leaves no streaks or film. We offer ready-to-spray cleaners, mops, mop add-ons, bundles or single items. Our hardwood floor cleaner products and accessories are ideal for cleaning any kind of flooring, from parquet flooring to engineered hardwood flooring we have the cleaner for you.

DIY Products

Keeping Your Floor Happy

Do it yourself products. We offer a wide range of DIY flooring products for every homeowner, contractor and do-it-yourselfer.

From the “Do-it-yourselfer” to the experienced professional, Darmaga Hardwood Flooring is proud to offer the industry’s finest products right here at our Richmond Hill showroom. Below you’ll find a categorized list of all our brand name products. If you’d like to know more about how to get the most out of your hardwood floors, contact us today and we’d be happy to answer your questions.


A good adhesive will reduce vapor and moisture transmission, eliminate noise and creaks, as well as reduce pressure-sensitivity.

Brands in Store: Dural, T&G, Fortane


If it’s a nailer you’re looking for, give us a call. We stock many kinds of nailers. If we don’t stock it, we can order it for you. Speaking with our sales team can help you make sure you are choosing the right nailer for the job.

Brands in Store: Dural, T&G, Fortane

Fillers  Putt

Have gaps in your floors? For repairs or installations, we have many sizes and colours stocked and available.

Brands in Store: Putty Jar, Colour Right Tubes, Sanlyn Filler, Woodwise Filler, Mohawk Putty Sticks for all species and colours

Nails and Staples

We have many nail and staple sizes to meet the requirements of the product you are laying. We also have experienced and knowledgeable sales staff who can give you advice and tips on your project.

Brands in Store: Primatech, Different Gauges & Sizes (nails not manufactured in China), Crisp-air (staples)

Finishes and Stains

We have a great selection of types and colours to meet the requirements of your job.

Brands in Store: Torcan Oil Based, Basic Coatings Water Based (Finishes), Duraseal (Stain), Torcan (touch up markers)

Sanding Papers and Discs

For sandpaper and buffer needs, we have all shapes, sizes and grits. We often have old stock that we’re blowing out too. If you have an older machine and don’t think anyone carries the paper that fits your machine, try us. We may just have what you’re looking for.

Brands in Store: Norton Edger Discs, Screens, Belts, Rolls 

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