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The Darmaga Experience

Affordable Luxury Flooring

As Ontario’s oldest family owned flooring store, Darmaga offers end-to-end simplicity from choosing your dream floor to expert installation and long term satisfaction.

Our Streamlined Process


You have a dream for your home and your floors. We can help you realize that dream with our deeply knowledgeable design and service-oriented team.


We are here to help you pick the floor that matches your vision, and suits your family’s needs and budget so that you can love your floor for years to come.  


Our experts take the guesswork out of installation. Variables like the need to acclimate the wood before installation, making sure the subsurface is properly prepared and the room humidity is just right and so on means that having an expert do the installation can actually mean big savings in the long run. Our top installers care about their work and your satisfaction. We warranty our installs so you can rest assured it is a job well done. Between the manufacturers' warranties and our installation warranty, you are fully protected, no matter what.


If you have floors you love, walking across them will be a daily pleasure. And bringing you pleasure is a big part of why we love our work.

From the time you call us or visit our showrooms, to the time we do our final quality control after installation, you will receive the best value for your investment. How do we know that? Well, because we get referrals from every flooring project we complete. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Toronto’s Most Respected Source for Hardwood Flooring


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